Aquaman: Race to Atlantis

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Aquaman: Race to Atlantis

Heroes are often among us and we do not even know and do not notice. A lone traveler on the road, a powerful billionaire or a silent hermit fisherman can be powerful heroes who are in the shadows. In the game “Aquaman: Race to Atlantis”, you will meet a new hero who has recently donated to us the film industry.

Terrible and unsociable caretaker lighthouse Arthur Curry hides a great mystery. In fact, he is not a mere man, but half-atlas. Since childhood, Arthur was able to talk with fish and possessed tremendous power. The boy did not sink in the water and did not burn in the fire. Time passed, the boy grew up and turned into a powerful and powerful man who rescues people under the mask of Aquaman. For many years he helped people and lived in solitude, but now everything has changed. Intrigues in the underwater kingdom forced the hero to visit his homeland. Here our adventures will begin!

You are waiting for an amazing and very dangerous journey to Atlantis. Despite all the beauty, she is just teeming with creepy creatures who wish for the death of Aquaman. During the swim, go around the underwater inhabitants and collect gold coins. Then they can be spent on improving the characteristics of Aquaman or on other characters: Meru, Orma and others. At the end of each level you will have to wait for the boss battle. Fight to the last breath and dismiss all enemies from your path. Good luck!

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