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A huge black space is filled with white specks. You need to “eat” them to grow with every second. To play “” you will be for a ball of pink, green, orange, blue or blue. If the current random choice is not liked, you can immediately press “restart” and start with a different color. Around are not only stern spots, but also other players. You can “eat” anyone whose size is less than yours. Opponents are much more “nutritious” food than ordinary specks. Your current account is always written in the middle of the ball.
The main problem is that the more you become, the slower you move. As a result, catching a small delicious enemy can be very difficult. Fortunately there is an opportunity to separate or to throw away a few mini-balls to someone after. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you can become an easy prey for other such round “sharks”, because to get back together, it takes some time. Control:
Mouse – movement
Spacebar – Separate
D – split into several parts
W – to separate from themselves a couple of balls
S – stop
Z – restart

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