Dead Rising 4 will receive an update “on the orders of players”
Posted by Admin On September - 29 - 2017

Dead Rising 4 will receive an update

In December, an insurgent about the adventures of a journalist in the conditions of a zombie apocalypse will receive an updated edition of Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package. But sets of new costumes of innovation will not be limited. Capcom will also release an update, created “on demand” of the players. The developers tried to fix and improve on what the owners of the game most complained about.

For the beginning of the change touched uninjured bandits, “maniacs”. They were better trained and equipped. Now the battles with maniacs will be more interesting and will bring to Frank improved awards: a new weapon.
Frank West will not be left without new clothes. He will be able to get them in missions of a new type: Distress Calls. From time to time he will receive a signal about help from one of the townspeople who got stuck in a dangerous place. Conducting the poor fellow in the shelter, the hero will receive a unique variation of one of the existing suits. So far, there are six such missions, but if they are in demand, the range will expand.
Additional improvements received management, and zombies are now more sensitive to West’s actions and more selflessly persecuted. Also introduced a number of other fixes and fine-tuning.
There will be a free update at the same time as Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package, December 5, 2017.

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