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The game “” is an opportunity to try yourself in the role of a chicken mom who fights against competitors for her future offspring. The main task is to destroy the eggs of other chickens, preserving and growing their own. Your pet moves behind the mouse, collects seeds, crushing the emerging on the way enemy embryos. But it should be borne in mind that at first players only gain strength and move rather slowly. Therefore, it will not be possible to get back quickly, even if the enemy attacks the nest. The game “” is a real multiplayer strategy. Here you can apply a variety of tactics to achieve your goal. For example, while the enemy is busy hunting and left his base unattended, one can get into his lair and kidnap his unborn chickens. But this is fraught with immediate punishment and death if the owner has time to return. If you wait, absorbing food and not moving too far from your heirs, then you can effortlessly achieve victory. In general, you can play as you like, most importantly – a great mood and a good result. Good luck.

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