Fresh update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fixed the famous “bug Molotov”
Posted by Admin On September - 28 - 2017

Quite a long time ago in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive an interesting error popped up, which quickly enough from users eloquently called the “Molotov bug”. The essence of the error is as follows: according to the idea of the creators, the smoke grenade was supposed to extinguish the fire, but there were cases when this did not happen, which caused the death of the players.
In a recent update, Valve fixed this error. In addition, according to the numerous requests of the players, CS: GO finally added the command “cl_crosshair_t” to adjust the T-shaped crosshair of the sight.
A nice bonus was the fact that the Revolver and Dual Berettas pistols now cost $ 100 less. Now they need to pay $ 600 and $ 400, respectively.

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