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Lights Toggle is a game for real samurai. To begin with, players have to choose a warrior: a melee or an archer. Each of them has his own special skills. Then you need to win the fair duel of all other players.

How to play:

A combat mission in is to defeat all other players. For a successful battle, you need to use the skill sets of the characters. They are easy to include in numbers, but each of them requires some time to recharge after use. Despite the simplest rendering of the characters, they are well animated. You can even say that their modest design allows you not to pay attention to it and concentrate on the main task – the battle with other players. is a game in which the reaction decides everything. For a warrior it will be useful to learn how to quickly overtake an opponent with skill 4 or build an archer defense with skill 2. The archers will have nothing but to learn how to shoot well and do not let them get close to themselves. WASD to move

Click for attack F, 3,2,1 – use special skills

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