LEGO Indiana Jones Game

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LEGO Indiana Jones Game

Collect dozens of items and treasures and avoid all traps! Unlock secrets as you pass one temple to another in this LEGO Indiana Jones Game! Look for secrets and time your moves to avoid certain deaths and collect as much treasure as you can while on your way out!

LEGO Indiana Jones Game is a distance escape game where your goal is to assist Indiana Jones as he dash his way out after securing the ultimate treasure piece. Your task is guide him and warn him of the dangers in his path before it’s too late and to collect as much coins, chalices, crowns and other treasures possible on the way out. There are also dozens of secrets from hidden paths and hidden collectible items. Hover your mouse over items to pick them up, click red obstacles in time to dodge them, click green platforms to access bonus areas. Can you complete all temples and make it out alive? Controls
Left Mouse Click – Interact
Mouse – Navigate
P – Pause

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