Lego Marvel: Super Heroes Team-Up

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Lego Marvel: Super Heroes Team-Up

Evil has come to light again and for the second time tries to take over the world. In the game “Lego Marvel: Super Heroes Team-Up” you take the line of heroes and step against the enemies, using the full power, strength and power of the superheroes Marvel. Before you enter into a serious fight you need to undergo training. Thanks to a little workout, you can learn the technique of your characters, and also, to meet face to face with enemies before a real battle. As soon as the training is over, you can start collecting the team. The team can only take three heroes. In the game you will be available to seven players: the noble hero Captain America, the brilliant and fearless Iron Man, the mighty god of thunder Thor, the synthetic hero Vision, the sharp shooter Falcon Eye, the fearless girl spy Natasha Romanoff, she’s the Black Widow, and also one of the strongest monsters of modern times the Hulk. Choose your team and you can go to the battle arena, where you are already waiting for enemies. The team of opponents will also have three players. You should try to remove them from the field before all your heroes do not quit the game. Proper tactics and agility will help you win.

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