Lego X-Men: Wolverine

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Lego X-Men: Wolverine

James Hawlett, he’s Logan, he’s also Wolverine – it’s a mutant person. He is a member of the X-Men team. He absolutely does not remember anything about his past. Once Wolverine agrees to one experiment, during which he is implanted adamantium. Now he becomes the owner of super-powerful armor. Wolverine is a great fighter, and also an excellent strategist and tactician. During his stay in Japan, he studied many types of martial arts and now it can be confidently asserted that he owns all kinds of martial arts on the planet. But this is not the most important advantage of it. Wolverine owns the uncharacteristic people of regeneration, called the “Factor of Healing.” His body is resistant to deadly poisons and diseases. Also, Logan can heal wounds that would be deadly to ordinary people. In the game “Lego Marvel: Wolverine” you have to become a participant in the fatal battle between Wolverine and his eternal antagonist Galactus. Collect bonuses and smash cars with your sharp claws. Avoid Galactus attacks from above. As soon as he starts to descend, immediately attack him. Arrow keys – move
Space key – jump / hit.

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