Micro Machines Military

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Micro Machines Military

Take control fo your cute little tank or your battle car and race across various fun tracks in this fun top-down racing game – Micro Machines Military! Select a vehicle and take into consideration its weapons and start your action-packed race!

Micro Machines Military is a classic top-down racing game and is part of the Micro Machines racing game series. Released exclusively in the PAL regions for the Sega Mega Drive back in 1996, the game features the same gameplay features and mechanics as the other Micro Machines games in the series, except for one thing… In Micro Machines Military, players and competitors can attack other racers with their vehicle weapons. This allows for the game to be much more intense and action-packed than ever before.

Click screen to activate.
← → ↑ ↓ = Directions
Z = A X = B C = C
A = X S = Y D = Z
enter ↵ = Start
space = Mode

How to Save/Load your Game

Make sure the emulator screen is active by clicking into it.
To save your game progress, move your mouse to the bottom of the game screen, some icons will appear, click on the save icon:

Download the file with your desired title and keep the file anywhere on your computer. Make sure that the file name has the extention specified in the dialog that opens.
Load state

You can load a game clicking the load icon
(arrow pointing up)

Find the save file that you saved previously. Open this file and your game will load, allowing you to continue playing the game without loosing any progress.

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