Primal Rage

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Primal Rage

Take control of one of the seven prehistoric beasts as you battle for dominion over post-apocalyptic earth in Primal Rage! Devour the helpless humans scattered around the battlefield to regain some health and fight some more.

Primal Rage is a violent 2D fighter game where giant beasts battle against each other for world domination. This classic game was released back in 1995 for multiple platforms including Sega Mega Drive and Genesis. The game features post-apocalyptic gigantic monsters who must battle each other violently. Fight for domination and defend your title in a seven vs one battle to the death! Become the new master of earth and be feared! Each monster has its own unique strength and move! Choose wisely and have fun! Click inside the screen to activate controls

Arrow Keys – Directional Buttons / Movement
Press “Z” Key – A button
Press “X” Key – B button
Space – Select
Enter – Start

To save your game: hover over the emulator screen and use the icons to save your progress.
Down arrow icon (save), Up arrow icon (load).

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