“Royal Battle” Fortnite visited a million players per day
Posted by Admin On September - 27 - 2017

Yesterday, on September 26, the premiere of a new regime for the online action movie Fortnite was held. The “Royal Battle” mode sends players on the airship to a special card, where they have only a parachute and a pickax. With this meager equipment they will have to get equipment, build a base with shelters and traps and be able to stay alive as long as possible: the last survivor, according to tradition, wins.
Although the new regime has been criticized by the creators of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, similar in part to the game process, Epic Games can celebrate the first victory. For the day that has passed since the opening of the regime, it was visited by more than a million players.

The beginning turned out to be successful, now the fate of the regime depends on how much the developers are ready to develop it. In the meantime, the “Royal Battle” is available for free on all platforms, regardless of whether one of the “early access” kits is purchased from the main game.

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