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Sillysnake io is a game for all fans of the serpentine genre. Simple and charming, it will be a worthy copy in your collection of io games.

Sillysnake io is like for children. All very nice, fruits are eaten with a delicious grunt, but there is also rivalry. A large snake eats less if it gushes with its head. Sillysnake io will suit both children and adults; it’s cool to dilute a pretty aggressive game with such a cute. Simple snake will please and sound design. How to play The purpose of the game is to become the most well-fed boa constrictor. In a simple snake and play is extremely simple – go on the map, eat fruit and do not get big. Until you yourself become more. Snakes can bite off their tails, in the beginning to shorten them. But you can bite off when you grow up healthy, but until then, see that you do not bite your tail.

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