Somari the Adventurer

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Somari the Adventurer

Have you ever wondered what Mario would be like if he’s playing as Sonic the Hedgehog? Play the Mario-Sonic crossover in Somari the Adventurer! Play as Mario in a different outfit and explore the world of Mobius! Battle robotic animals and save the new world!

Somari the Adventurer is an unlicensed port and a cross platform game between Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. Somari is a name derived from SOnic and MARIo. The game’s story and gameplay is heavily inspired by the first Sonic title. In this game, you play as an Italian plumber named Somari who looks terrifyingly similar to Mario. Lost in his plumbings he emerged in a new world filled with robotic animals created by Dr. Robotnik. And as a good guy, your goal is to stop Dr. Robotnik from his plot of turning all animals into robots. Click inside the screen to activate controls.

Arrow Keys – Movement
Space – Mode
Enter – Start
“Z” key – A
“X” key – B
“C” key – C
“A” key – X
“S” key – Y
“D” key – Z

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