Sonic Chaos Quest

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Sonic Chaos Quest

Re-invent the classic game with fully remade zones, new sprites, and a lot of other features. Complete the running challenge again in Sonic Chaos Quest! Collect golden rings and run through the tracks as fast as you can while collecting as many as you can!

Sonic Chaos Quest is a game hack / mod overhaul of the classic SEGA game Sonic the Hedgehog. The game features four fully remade zones: Paradise Coast, Border Fort, Dangerous Pit, and Robotropolis. These zones now features new music, graphics, chunks and with altered layout. The game can now be played as a different character. The available characters are: Sonic, Mighty, and Metal Sonic. Each character has their own sets of skills that only they can do Click inside the screen to activate controls.

Arrow Keys – Movement
Space – Mode
Enter – Start
“Z” key – A
“X” key – B
“C” key – C
“A” key – X
“S” key – Y
“D” key – Z

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