Star Control

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Star Control

Take control of an advance ship and battle through several different scenarios and engagements. Use a variety of weapons to win in Star Control! Learn about the Alliance of the Free Stars and the Hierarchy of Battle Thralls.

Star Control (or Star Control: Famous Battles of the Ur-Quan Conflict, Volume IV) is a classic action-strategy video game released for the SEGA Genesis back in 1990. The game is modeled after Space war and is generally considered as a strategy/ action-adventure video game despite having some unique features of its own and closely related to other space shooter games. As you progress through the game, more ships will be unlocked, each having their own stats from different maneuverability to varying primary weapons.

Click screen to activate.
← → ↑ ↓ = Directions
Z = A X = B C = C
A = X S = Y D = Z
enter ↵ = Start
space = Mode

How to Save/Load your Game

Make sure the emulator screen is active by clicking into it.
To save your game progress, move your mouse to the bottom of the game screen, some icons will appear, click on the save icon:

Download the file with your desired title and keep the file anywhere on your computer. Make sure that the file name has the extention specified in the dialog that opens.
Load state

You can load a game clicking the load icon
(arrow pointing up)

Find the save file that you saved previously. Open this file and your game will load, allowing you to continue playing the game without loosing any progress.

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