Tank trouble

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Tank trouble

Tank trouble is a game of tanks, where you can score both online with other players, and offline with one computer with each other. The game pleases pleasing graphics, smooth management and extensive customization capabilities of its tank. How to play:

The main battle task in the Tank Trumpet is to destroy all your rivals. If you sign up, then the game will remember you and for the victory you will slowly grow in rank, will appear new decorations for the tank. And during the game you will need to collect coins of game currency in the place of the tanks you have pounded, in order to be able to purchase new decorations on the tank. The peculiarity of the battle in the Tank Trable is in ricochets. Keep in mind that, fundamentally, you can release at once only 5 rounds, and they will walk ricochet from wall to wall for a long time. Until they “disappear”, then again you can not shoot and you will be defenseless. So spend your ammunition wisely. As the game progresses, bonus weapons appear on the map. This is a laser that immediately shows what path it will fire, a twin cannon and a shotgun that does not ricochet much, but covers a large area immediately. Collect these bonuses, will be useful. The level of health, first-aid kits and the like is not here. And in the title menu, you see tanks of different players that can be called to a duel.

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