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The northern lands do not know peace and quiet, because the fate of violent Vikings is war. An unquenchable thirst for fame and fortune pushes them to the path of great conquests, and, driven by a merciless wind, they march forward to win brilliant victories.

Bloody clan battles for the right to be called the strongest in the Kingdom and fierce strife Yarlov, who do not know mercy and passionately want revenge for their sworn enemies, have become the routine of the harsh northern lands. The soldiers guarded by the omnipresent god Odin fearlessly enter into battle with the enemy and defeat him, because they have no greater honor than to perish in a battle with weapons in their hands and get to Valhalla – where they will always feast with the best of the best. Basics of the game
More specifically, the Vikings War of Clans is an MMO strategy in which you will take over the command of the city of the Vikings. You will plan the distribution of resources, build and improve various buildings, hire troops, improve them and, of course, send huge armies to military campaigns. If you like real military achievements and want to be better than other players, then welcome to Vikings War of Clans!

Just in case, we should say that since the game is an MMO, it’s impossible to play it alone – the game requires an internet connection, because you are playing with real people in real time.

Your main task in the game will be the development of your own city and its forces on the game arena. In addition to all sorts of improvements, you have to join clans with other players and jointly rebuild and solve various problems, like opponents’ attacks and resource gathering. It sounds easy, but the game has enough depth – you will always have something to do.

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