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The fascinating game XCraft is not less fascinating for fans of space conquests storyline. The free colonization by the Terran Confederation is declared with the aim of expanding the world to nine galaxies and providing the colonists with the opportunity to receive new planets at their disposal. According to the original plan, the Confederation was to receive resources from them, but it was not destined to come true. The colonists became uncontrollable, and the alien creatures decided to take advantage of the opportunity and began invading the planets. To conduct a centralized war, the Terran race must again unite the fleet and raise the necessary funds. Any review of XCraft mentions a simple interface, which can be easily mastered. Initially, your character gets to an unknown planet, where you need to develop all the elements of the infrastructure, build protective structures, explore space technologies, train your own troops to carry out bloody raids, battles for valuable resources. You will also be able to colonize the neighboring planets and commit attacks on hostile characters.

Online game XCraft offers us a fairly standard gameplay, which consists in building factories, laboratories, buildings, shipyards, defenses in orbit, economic development and the gradual overgrowth of powerful muscles. At the next stage, you can go in search of a new planet, which must be colonized and repeat the original cycle of actions. Of course, the development is not entirely elementary, because on your way there will be a lot of difficult obstacles to overcome. Do not forget about other candidates for the role of Lord of the Universe in the neighborhood.

The strategic game XCraft has a complex economy, which ultimately converges to provide the universe with energy. The Sun acts as an energy source. Players can increase the efficiency of power plants and study energy technologies, develop mining industries, fuel for flights and minerals.

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